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High Quality and Durable Wooden Playhouses
Handmade in Ireland


Bramble Wood Products playhouses stand out from the crowd. Our unique style, with shingle roofs, and a front porch, means our playhouses look just like mini homes. So if you’re looking for something a little different then you’ve come to the right place.

All playhouses are built from scratch here at Bramble Farm, Co. Laois. The roof, walls, staircases, and railings are all built individually and then assembled and settled on site. We design playhouses for customers all across Ireland and we deliver Nationwide. We guarantee a quick fitting with the largest of playhouses taking only four hours. Delivery rates vary depending on both the package purchased and distance.

We never cement our playhouses to the ground – They are held in place by their own weight. For example, a 6’ X 6’ playhouse weighs a whopping 1 Tonne. The wood we use is extremely strong and doesn’t require any additional components to fix the playhouse to the ground. This means that your playhouse can be lifted and moved as required without compromising the structure.


All playhouse prices are also subject to delivery charges. On the island of Ireland a delivery and fit charge of anywhere from €250 to €350, is applied to the playhouse cost.

Custom Designs

While all of our houses feature the same grown-up, unique style that we have become known for, every other feature of your handmade playhouse is completely customisable. From dormer windows and flower boxes to slides and swings, there are a multitude of add-ons available to all of our customers.

Standard models all come unpainted with a 3' deck, handrails and stairs. Painting, design accessories and fun options are all fully customisable extras.
Each playhouse built by Bramble Wood Products is 100% unique and personal to you. You have the dream, we just help it come true.


To order you custom built playhouse contact Bramble Wood Products today

High Quality, Durable Wood

Bramble Wood Products use the strongest and most durable wood available to build our playhouses. Sourced from Coolrain Sawmills in Co. Laois, we use Scandinavian Shiplap and Irish Timber.

Scandinavian Shiplap is extremely hardwearing and strong, as well as having a rich and interesting colour. All wood used in our playhouses is pressure treated against rot to withstand the ever changing Irish weather.


If you have any questions or would like more information then contact Cheryl and Ian today

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