Playhouse Maintenance

Purchasing a playhouse is a big investment. We do everything in our power to ensure that it will last for generations to come.

Every playhouse we make is built with wood and love, and the Irish weather can take its toll on both. We only use pressure treated wood which is protected against rot and will withstand even the harshest Irish winter. However, the wood will contract and expand as it absorbs water. During the Winter the wood will absorb moisture in the air and swell. While in summer (or for a week in June) the wood will contract as it dries out. Our playhouses are built to allow for this so there is no need to be concerned by small gaps in the floor and walls during dry and warm weather.

There are a number of measures you can take to ensure that your kids, grandkids and maybe even great grandkids will experience the joy and wonder of their very own playhouse.

All playhouse prices are also subject to delivery charges. On the island of Ireland a delivery and fit charge of anywhere from €250 to €350, is applied to the playhouse cost.


As mentioned, all wood used by Bramble Wood Products is treated, but the colour will begin to fade and turn slightly grey over time. To prevent this and make the house watertight, the playhouse will need to be painted at some stage.

For our painted houses we use Dulux Weathershield for Wood or Cuprinol Colour Range. These are the recommended products you should use if you want to paint the house yourself. If you're going for a more natural look then we recommend using an external wood stain, preferably Ronseal. We suggest doing this every five years to extend the lifespan of your playhouse. Never use yacht varnish to stain your wooden playhouse as the wood will not be able to breathe or expand and contract.


While small gaps in the walls and floor are expected we never want to see any gaps in the roof. We use a waterproof membrane liner underneath the shiplap roof, similar to those used in normal houses. However, the shingle will need some TLC to help preserve the roof.

When your playhouse is first delivered you may notice that the shingles are slightly darker than the rest of the wood. This is because they are kept wet during construction so they don't crack when nailed down. Within a few weeks, the shingles will begin to lighten in colour and slightly curl or cup at the edges. This means that they have started to dry out and need some treatment. We recommend using Sikkens (which is slightly oilier than other treatments but is easy to apply and gives a good satin finish) but Ronseal or Cuprinol work just as well. This will only need to be done once every five years.


As the wood expands and contracts throughout the years you may find that, in time, the doors, hinges, handles etc. have become loose. A quick tighten with a screwdriver will have them good as new again.

Bramble Wood Products Warranty

At Bramble Wood Products we pride ourselves on offering high quality playhouses and excellent customer service. This is why we offer a one year warranty on all playhouses purchased from us. While some general wear and tear is to be expected if you notice any structural faults or damage then please get in touch with us and we will do everything we can to rectify the issue.

To order you custom built playhouse contact Bramble Wood Products today

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